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My name is Gerard and I have lived with anxiety for more years than I care to count. I would like to share my story on how I got here and how anxiety has ruled my life.

Anxiety started at a young age and at times was absolutely crippling. It seemed to show up in all aspects of life without invitation

For so many years I was under the belief that what others said was true and I allowed that to create the world I was living in.

Then one day someone said do you know that your CREATING the world you live in through your own THOUGHTS

For all those years I was creating a false narrative of the world .I was believing things without fact .I allowed what was said to me to form my view

All exists is now and that’s the truth. The simplicity of it is amazing if you allow it .

Please allow me to point you in that direction


Graduate of the 'A Little Piece of Mind Practitioner Training Program'

Over 100 hours of coaching people from all walks of life including health care professionals, school teachers, writers, business owners, labour workers, homemakers and more..

Gerard has been coached and mentored by Nicola Bird and John El-Mokadem. Nicola is the author of 'A Little Peace of Mind' and John is recognized for his work on fatigue. Both are well known for their work in the 3 Principles

Anxiety hits in many fashions, from fear of flying to the fear of embarrassment and many more.

Allow me to share with you the way out of the fog of anxiety.

Please book a free consultation through our online calendar.

Please send me an email with a short story about yourself to

Session Information

All sessions are conducted in the strictest of confidentiality using Zoom

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