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My name is Gerard and I have lived with anxiety for more years than I care to count. I would like to share my story on how I got here and how anxiety has ruled my life.

As a child I was heavily into sports, but I also was heavily into alcohol. I started drinking at the age of 11 and found I couldn’t function without it at the age of 14 along with starting to smoke during this time.

I started working and earning an income at the age of 14 which made it easier to feed my addiction to alcohol. By 18 I had a major surgery due to my addiction. At the age of 23 I was anointed for death and given less than 5 percent chance of surviving. My family were called home to say goodbye. Yet I survived and spent close to 4 months bed ridden. On my first steps out of bed I took a bad spill because I had no muscle mass left .

During the time I was recovering, I became a medical marvel and assisted medical students by answering their questions as to how I ended up where I did and why. The doctors were amazed that I had no permanent brain damage from my liver shutting down for a significant period of time. 

I laid on my parents couch for five weeks or more after I was released from the hospital, unable to take so much as an aspirin because of the condition of my liver. I thought life was over as I knew it without alcohol, but something inside told me I had to get up and move, and I did but not for long. Four weeks later all the veins on my liver burst and I found myself in intensive care again. The on-call doctor wanted to operate to stop the bleeding. Providence stepped in and the operation did not happen. As I later learned if he had operated I would likely bled to death . Someone or something was watching over me once again.

Fast forward a few years and I subsequently received a letter from the health department shortly after our daughter was born informing me that I could have contracted aids from a blood transfusion I received during my surgery at 18. I lived in hell for a period of time thinking I could have passed it on to my newborn daughter or my wife. As it turned out I tested negative for aids.

At the age of 40 I decided to try to quit smoking which I’m proud to say was successful and still smoke free till this day. During this time I took up running to fill the void of not smoking.

I continued to live life, working as a union president then an inspector with an international union helping seafarers . In 1998 my wife and I started a successful business and sold it to a national franchise in 2012.

I have always lived with anxiety. In recent years it has increased, and really increased during COVID-19. It had gotten so bad that I found it hard to leave home to exercise, to attend any function, or to even take part in any social discussions. I lived in my head for so many years not understanding what was causing my anxiety.

I tried every method that was available to me to control my anxiety from CBT, to acupuncture, to Transcendental meditation, to hypnosis. I have finally found relief from the crippling burden of anxiety and coming out from under the dark cloud that was always present.


Graduate of the 'A Little Piece of Mind Practitioner Training Program'

Over 70 hours of coaching people from all walks of life including health care professionals, school teachers, writers, business owners, labour workers, homemakers and more..

Gerard has been coached and mentored by Nicola Bird and John El-Mokadem. Nicola is the author of 'A Little Peace of Mind' and John is recognized for his work on fatigue. Both are well known for their work in the 3 Principles

Anxiety hits in many fashions, from fear of flying to the fear of embarrassment and many more.

Allow me to share with you the way out of the fog of anxiety.

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