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Anxiety stress and presence

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

We all spend so little time being present because we find it as boring as all get out . We are constantly trying to get out of the present because our chattering mind or the other voice or our ego what ever you want to call it is bored and wants action and it wants it now

The ego wants to drag us into anxious thinking and we merely follow along like the good little solider we allowed ourselves to be groomed into being . Sitting in peace is not serving the best interests of the ego because that's not what it's job is . The ego or that little voice keeps telling us we must leave this peaceful place you found . It's just not safe sitting in silence so off we go .

If we allow it which so often we do it will take us into the past to redo and try to relive something that can't be relived like an embarrassing situation or why didn't I take that job or why didn't I marry that person instead of who I'm now stuck with.

It will take the anxiety into next week's meeting trying to figure out what conversation should take place in that meeting. Or when I meet this person this is what I'm going to say I'm going to be so ready for that person that they won't have time to respond to my prepared remarks.

Meanwhile a day has gone by living something that's already been lived or a day is spent next week preparing for something that may never happen.

Learning to live with the boring now in the present moment is all that exists. Live in the present moment and answers will come to questions and problems as they arise if you will allow it to happen . It's a wonderful place to spend some time try it you'll enjoy it

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