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Come to your senses with anxiety

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

If your constantly caught in anxiety or stress break the cycle by coming to your senses .

Just use your audio or hearing to listen to what's going on around you focus on a sound that is standing out to you now . Listen to that sound and it will break up the thinking that's keeping you stuck in thought .

The same can be done for scent bring yourself to the scent or fragrance that's around you at this moment agin focus on the scent and it will break the chain of thoughts.

Any of our senses will take us to the only thing that exists and that's the now .

Follow your breath for any period of time while even counting your breath you will see that it draws your attention away from thoughts.

Using any of your senses will take you out of thinking and to a place of no thoughts. A place of no thought is where you want to live and operate from . A place of no thought or emptiness is the only place that answers can be found and that wisdom can arise from .

Just try any of the senses methods you feel comfortable with and watch thinking drop away . If you continue to practice leaving thinking and thought alone for any period of time no matter how short the period you will see that you'll enjoy a life that you didn't know existed or you thought passed you by .

Your own thought creates the world you live in . If you want the world to be a chaotic mess than a chaotic mess is what your mind will create . If you want a world that's calm and in the now you can use your senses to help you find it

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