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Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

We place ourselves in an anxious state for no obvious or particular reason and stay in that state for no obvious or particular reason other than we convinced ourselves that it's a comfortable place to be.

We convince ourselves that we are protecting ourselves from the dangers that exist in the outside world, we are not sure what dangers are lurking out there but we convince ourselves that they are as real and dangerous as the air we are breathing to keep ourselves safe we must be vigilant.

We can live in this state for extended periods of time for no good reason other than we convinced ourselves this is the safety zone and I'm not leaving it for no reason. Our very own thoughts can convince us that to leave the safety zone is to risk your life for no good reason

When we take up residence in this anxious state constantly we risk the physical symptoms that come with living constantly in anxiety. IBS (Irritable Bowel Disease) headaches especially migraines vomiting constant aches and pains that seem endless. Anxiety knows no bounds. It all starts with a fictional thought or story we convince ourselves is true and real and we keep adding to the story until it gets out of control. It can get to the point that we restrict our movement we become a prisoner in our homes or even worst unable to get out of bed.

The first step to unwinding all the anxiety and stress is to realize it's your own thoughts that are taking you in the direction that you find yourself and as I discovered it's a dead-end road, it's like running into a brick wall over and over again and expecting a different result sooner or later the brick wall will win. I lived with uncertainty and insecurities while trying to blame others for my anxiety (more on that in another blog) it's the story we convince ourselves to believe about anything or anyone.

The only thing that exists is now, and what is so scary right at this moment?

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