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Updated: Sep 24, 2022

I have found that if I don’t respond to everything or everyone that says something that raises my anxiety level it deescalates everything including the stress that I allow it to bring

What I mean by this is that I don’t need to escalate an argument and the anxiety and stress it creates by responding to an unconscious person who has no idea what it is they are saying because they are blinded by anger or jealousy or what ever is creating the rage they are feeling in the moment .Leave it alone and you will notice the unconscious person settle because they don’t have an unconscious partner to increase the heat of the moment.

The same can be said for any thought that causes you stress or anxiety ,it’s just a thought that most often dose not need a response leave it alone and it will pass . I often took it upon myself to sit with a thought that dose not need an answer but I created an urgency to respond to the fiction that I created .

We create the world we live in with our thoughts. Leave them alone sit quiet and they will pass like time . Anxiety and stress are created through our own thoughts so limit your response to anything that rises and you will see a deescalation in everything around you including your stress and anxiety

If we leave our thoughts alone and not feel the need to poke at them it will allow wisdom to rise and the answer you are looking for will appear from the emptiness that you created by being in a quiet place . A quite place without anxiety and stress can only exist if you allow it . Sit without judgement and sit in a place of no response and you will see it's not a bad place to operate from and the responses will only come when needed .

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