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Self Talk

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

When we allow our own self-talk or internal chatter to cause our stress and anxiety, we are listening to fiction. Ninety-nine percent of what we try to convince ourselves is going to happen never happens or takes place. Anything outside the now is an invitation to anxiety and stress, it's a path that's avoidable when you catch yourself answering your own questions.

The anxiety self-talk causes are amazing. To give a couple of examples of self-talk.

1-We try to go back in the past to live a life that's already been lived. As much as we would like a redo of some things in the past it's not going to happen to leave it alone your life is slipping away trying to do the impossible. Make peace with whatever happened and leave it where it belongs in the past. Don't try in any way to figure out a done deed, you're only going to be reliving the anxiety and stress all over again that you have already lived through once before

2- Self-talk about future events. Again, more fiction is created through self-talk. We are creating anxiety and stress through fictional questions to ourselves that have not been asked by anyone. We go into the what-if scenario to prepare ourselves for nothing. The answers will rise from wisdom that can only be achieved through stillness. Again leave tomorrow next week and next month alone it's not worth the trip to the future. Everything that needs an answer will rise from an emptiness that we all possess

Once again, leaving the past and future alone memory is anxiously waiting to happen, and the future self-talk is no better. Both are a path to anxiety and stress, and both are now fiction created through self-talk. The only thing that exists is where you are at this moment, if nothing needs an answer right this minute, leave it alone until the question is asked. Just breathe and be present

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