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Truth Words and Anxiety

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Sometimes a lot of us take the words of others as gospel not gossip without so much as a question as to what truth the words hold. Sometimes we are led down a path by others who hold a grudge against someone, and there goal is to destroy the reputation of that person with lies.

This is a very hurtful form of bullying. People will believe whatever stories are told without question. Words hurt and cause much harm and anxiety, especially when they are untrue and spread out anger and revenge. The person who is the target of the hate is usually frowned on and is isolated by the hurtful fiction that is being spread about the person.

The target of the slander begins to withdraw, feeling isolated and abandoned by friends and family. The person begins to believe the fictional stories themselves, and they start to lose confidence in themselves and begin to add there own fiction to the story until the burden becomes to much for them to handle. To try and fight the stories or convince people otherwise seems useless

Words spread about others have consequences, especially when untrue and hurtful. They can send a person into constant anxiety and depression they feel isolated and alone and feel that they can't ask for help.

It all starts with jealousy or revenge against another person that often ends in a hurtful, unnecessary story being spread. The person seeks revenge and starts to create fictional untruths because they feel they have been hurt or insulted by another person.

If you have a problem with someone tell them don't unconsciously spread hurtful gossip. Give thought to your reasoning for doing what your doing or saying what your saying before acting on or spreading hurtful gossip.

It's all just thought until the thought is acted on,leave the thought alone it will pass like time

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