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Calm Sea
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"Thank you again for everything. Your support and non-judgmental approach was so appreciated. You always provided good clear examples. I am very happy your journey in the 3Ps has led you to coach others. I know you will bring many others to see how thought is self-created and be at peace with it...Forever grateful!"

—  Lucy

"A heart felt thank you for all your help. During our calls you made me feel very comfortable and at ease sharing my experiences. Coping with chronic pain & anxiety on and off for years is not always easy to talk about. Your guidance & sharing of the 3 principles understanding helped me to find some peace amidst all the chaos of busy life. I am very grateful for our conversations together and am no longer gripped with the same stress & anxiety since we began our sessions together. Thank you for this."

—  Susan

"It was a real pleasure having sessions with you. Honestly, it has really shifted something for me and I'm so grateful."

—  Catherine

"Thank you again for giving me your time. I’ve really loved our conversations and they’ve been really insightful and helpful. Your journey has been a brave one and your story is inspirational. I think you will go on to help many, and will have an impact on their lives like you have with mine."

—  Joanne




I wanted to share a little bit about the information and books you have shared with me just a couple months ago.


I’ve been doing my best to use the 3p’s in my day to day life and have been noticing a real shift in my overall mental health and how I approach life and people.


In speaking with some people that are close to me, those people confided in me that they were dealing with difficult challenges and I kept thinking, well the 3 p’s would tell me to deal with this in a totally different way.  So I decided to share my learnings with them.  I simply said jokingly as I looked at my watch, “here’s what I can tell you, I read this book and then did some further digging. The way I look at life has really changed for the better, and as of 10:14 pm on Tuesday it’s still working.  Now I’m not too proud to let you know if it all falls apart again but for now things are working really great.  


I’ve tried this 3 times now, the first with a former co-worker, who had been struggling with mental health and tried so many other copping tools with limited success. She called me to tell me she ordered the book, I told her let me know when it arrives and don’t be shy to tell me how the read is going.  Don’t rush through it, take your time and enjoy it.  Read it twice if you like.  A few days later, she called with such excitement, she says, it’s so easy, I can’t believe this, I love it.  I told her I wanted to keep in touch on her progress, she called me again a week later and her excitement was even greater.


My next test was with my sister, she’d recently separated with her partner as she wasn’t feeling her relationship was working.  Again, I felt like her explanation on the events of her relationship could be helped my the 3 p’s.  I gave her my same explanation, read it, if it helps great, if not that’s ok too.  Very similar result, she was feeling really really great about the book.  She went out and bought more copies for her sons and her former partner.   Her former partner is now her partner again and she and he are both overwhelmed with how much it has improved their communications and they both feel empowered from this new simple way of thinking and processing thought.  My sister then went on to purchase more books and recommended that I purchase them.  So I’m now reading the relationship one and really enjoying and learning even more great 3p principles from it.


The most recent discussion was with my former partner, who again had lots of thought provoking things from her past she was dealing with and again I said the same thing, here’s what I read, it was given to me by Gerard (who she obviously remembered) and again she ordered the book and spoke to me about a month later and was so excited to report how much it helped her and how good she was feeling, she said she hadn’t felt this settled in her own mind in over 20 years. 


So 3 out of 3 with results that far exceeded anything I could possibly have imagined.


So thank you just doesn’t do those words justice.  It is simply amazing that these results are so consistently positive, it is a very fun thing to be both a part of and to observe in others and the wonderful relief and confidence it has given all of them.


Very appreciative,

Name withheld by request

Ps meant to say I have just looked at your website and it looks so good. I had not realised the full extent of what you have gone through yourself Gerard.
How amazing you are ⭐️

Susie x


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